Who We Are

Company History and Growth: Described by clients as “fresh, modern, smart”, we work to identify brand opportunities, inject momentum and define a vision that goes beyond simple product feature and benefit propositions.

We are an independent, privately owned firm founded in 2002. THINKTOPIA® (we use the circle R because someone once tried to “borrow” our name) has grown into a global brand innovation enterprise that takes pride in also calling itself an “idea engineering” company.

Ideas about strategy, innovation, market dynamics, and creating resonant, vibrant, inspired communities around brands is how we help Fortune 100 companies, start-ups, personality brands, even civic communities, to become—and remain—relevant in enterprising times. And, like engineers, we like to figure out how to make things work better. As entrepreneurs, we bring the principles of entrepreneurship into large organizations and every project we engage in. We recognize both the glories and the tiger traps of risk, as well as the cultural and team-building aspects of business building.

We have worked in every continent on the planet, except Antarctica. (That gives us our stretch goal.) Primal Branding, one of our first thinking technologies, has been embraced around the world, including emerging markets like Russia, China, India, and Latin America. This gives tremendous benefit to our clients in every project we work on. We are constantly stretching our brain muscle in a swathe of categories from financial products to consumer packaged goods to fashion to digital entertainment, and more. This elasticity of experience leads to continuous thinking and evolution, and helps us stay at the forefront of global trends and patterns, to surround your business with unique insights and ideas that lead to passionate, fast forward marketing ideas that grow business and build brands.

Our prior background in the creative agency world and our unique perspective on brands as belief systems gives us the unique vantage point of knowing how to develop transformative strategic thinking, turn strategy into communications, communications into action, and action into advocacy and brand zealotry.

The benefits of working with THINKTOPIA® are many. While we work behind the firewall of strategic thinking and cannot always openly discuss the work we do, we urge you to contact our clients who are only too willing to discuss the advantages of working with our teams. We look forward to one day working with you, too.

Mission: Create a community of passionate advocates around your brand.