Patrick Hanlon Featured As Brand Expert In 10-Part Documentary Series

Thinktopia CEO Patrick Hanlon is featured in the documentary “The Kennedy Files” that premieres Tuesday, November 10 on REELZ network. The documentary flanks the network’s Emmy award-winning
series “The Kennedys” which also lunches this month.

“The Kennedys continue to be one of America’s greatest brands because there are so many avenues into their brand,” says Hanlon. “Whether it’s political power, Hollywood, Camelot, American rags to riches, Jackie O, or conspiracy theories, anyone can find a connection point into the Kennedy narrative.”

The ten-part documentary produced by Aspyr Media runs thru April, 2016 and covers the Kennedy fortune, family secrets, the family curse, the brothers, Jack & Jackie and, of course, conspiracies.

“The Kennedy narrative is a long, wide river,” says Hanlon. “It is no longer solely about how the next generation of Kennedys prolong their legacy, but how the next generation of storytellers move it forward. They can put their canoe in just about anywhere.”

Those who do not have REELZ on cable can stream “The Kennedy Files” on Netflix, also available on DVD.