Tillamook Mixes Trends With New Farmstyle Greek Yogurt

tillamook farmstyleTillamook mashes trends together with its new Farmstyle Greek yogurt: Greek yogurt plus the movement for locally grown ‘handmade’ products. Tillamook has taken the vernacular (sacred words) for other farm dairy products and made it their own. Examples. “Farmstyle” and “authentically strained” ordinarily might be words you’d see on cheese, so seeing them here on a yogurt product makes the product seem more authentic. And notice the use of “Oregon” strawberry, which alludes to more local origins (even though Tillamook is produced in Washington State).  #slow and steady also alludes to the slow food movement, where everyone seems to be finding their yum. All of which alludes to great flavor hooks. We can’t wait for it to arrive at our local grocery. Goodness, yes.