A Tribe Like Me

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I created Thinktopia® to smash traditional thinking about “the way things are.”

The first output was an evolutionary way to think about brands. Back in 2002, “branding” was like trying to mold fog. Ask a hundred people and you would get a hundred different answers, and nobody really nailed it.

We started thinking about Brands as belief systems that attract others who share your beliefs. Simple. If you design that system (including creation story, creed, icons, rituals, lexicon, nonbelievers and leader), you attract a community of users, coworkers, vendors, investors—your first line in creating advocacy. These people help guide what people think, feel and say about you.

In other words, fans.

I was invited to Beijing, China to share my thinking with people from Huawei and Baidu, then I was invited to South America. Today “Primal Branding” is taught at colleges and universities around the world. It’s required reading inside You Tube, the largest social engagement platform on the planet. So far, so good.

We’ve been Beta testing that idea ever since. (The Alpha is arriving soon.)

Day to day, we help startups, entrepreneurs, Fortune 100 companies, and 501.3c organizations figure out how to launch and restage their companies, products and people. We have done this on every continent, except Antarctica (we used to call Antarctica our stretch goal, until I met a penguin—they’re smelly).

We have iterated new models for insights, and how to design, build, prototype and document social communities via your strategic brand narrative. We transform startup dreams from “Who cares?” to “I CARE!”, from being a meaningless product or idea to resonating with hundreds of millions and becoming an important piece in people’s lives. Then we help you distribute that meaning through social media for unfair advantage.

Last month, an entrepreneur told us how, in his mind, his company didn’t launch two years ago, but two weeks ago. After we helped revision his company and his dream. Another startup emailed me this note yesterday, “We launched a brand in the time it would take [some] companies to put out a deck. When i started [sic], i ordered 20 copies of THE SOCIAL CODE and it’s been our North star ever since.”

My latest book, The Social Code, updates Primal Branding and expands the notion of brands as communities of users and advocates who surround you with “Likes”, positive reviews, possessive energy and feelings of belonging that pretty much annihilate your competition. They become so passionate about your success they not only create it themselves, they become your unfair advantage.

Watch this.

Our new Primal Branding: Short Film takes five of Silicon Valley’s hottest entrepreneurs and deconstructs how they implemented all seven pieces of ‘primal code’ to successfully build their well-known startups.

Our Better thoughts through thinking™ mantra mandates that we share out our ideas about the mythos of reality and the amazing future. A thought: If you want to mold fog or just get a new logo and website and think that’s “branding”—call one of the thousand other branding, community and design firms out there. Their arms are out, waiting for you.

Do you want to be a part of their tribe, or do you want to start your own tribe? If it’s the latter please give us a shout. strikeanerve@thinktopia.com.