You Don’t Wear Your Grandma’s Clothes. So Why Are You Using Her Laundry Detergent?

If you look inside your closet these days, you’ll find that probably over half of your clothes are synthetics. And, after wearing them a while, they start to stink—in the gym, at yoga class, even at the coffee shop. The smell doesn’t seem to leave, no matter how many pre-washes, vinegar soaks and other laundry rituals you go through.

The reason? Traditional laundry detergents (the ones your Mom and Grandmother use) were designed to clean natural fibers. But not synthetics.

Hex, a new laundry detergent recently re-introduced with Thinktopia and other partners, was designed not only to clean, but to get rid of the bacteria hiding in your clothes. (It’s bacteria that causes the odor in your gym clothes.)

Hex came to Thinktopia late last year (with a shout-out to Annie Scranton of Pace Public Relations). The new laundry product had already been in test-market at some Target stores and local grocery chains along the Eastern seaboard. Product performance and sales were growing, but brand stakeholders realized their messaging on product package and in marketing communications didn’t feel on target.

While our exact process is bound by nondisclosure, Thinktopia helped to reposition the product to the booming new athleisure market, validated the Hex concept with users (and retail partners), evolved the target consumer beyond original scope, worked on new packaging design language and adapted the Hex strategy to a much larger opportunity than originally imagined.

Working in collaboration with LaunchPodium in San Francisco, we created new messaging strategies, an evolved and differentiated language and, finally, a website worthy of the growing Hex fan community.

As Hex founder and CEO Drew Westervelt declared following one of our workshops, “As far as I’m concerned, this company didn’t start two years ago. It started two weeks ago.”

Welcome to Hex, a powerful, eco-friendly detergent that’s built to clean, protect and restore today’s clothes. It’s definitely not your Grandma’s laundry detergent. To try Hex, visit your local Target stores, grocery, or And discover a new clean.