Hanlon Included In GE Global Innovation Barometer 2014

Two-thirds of executives today believe businesses have to encourage creative behaviors in their organizations. More importantly, they say they must disrupt their internal processes in order to do so. This is just one of the insights just released in GE’s Innovation Barometer for 2014. The study offers insight on disruption, collaboration and the future of work.

The study suggests a creaking shift in C-suite thinking. Last year’s survey revealed anxiety among executives attempting to navigate the highly competitive and fast-paced globalized innovation environment.

Many claimed to experience ‘innovation vertigo’ and were unsure how to move forward with disruptive ideas, products and services.

This year, executives seem to be embracing adaption to new innovation trends and are also searching for the new kinds of talent, technology and partners they need to become disruption-ready.

According to the survey, efficient and successful innovation hinges on three factors: understanding customers and anticipating market evolutions (84%); attracting and retaining the most talented and skilled employees (79%); and quickly adopting emerging technologies (67%).

“Social, political, personal and marketing disruption happens,” says Thinktopia founder Patrick Hanlon. “Disruption is a step beyond what we think of as innovation. It’s not about line extensions, it’s about a hurricano that may sweep the entire category aside.”

See more of the GE Global Innovation Barometer at: http://www.ideaslaboratory.com/projects/innovation-barometer-2014/#sthash.maNKm2QO.dpuf

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