“Meaning” Is The New Black

I f#cking rock
More and more we find ourselves in a world devoid of meaning. Possessions do not mean anything, since, thanks to mass consumption, nearly anyone can own nearly the same things you own (or its knock-off equivalent). Even relationships do not amount to much, when you remember that half of all marriages dissolve like sugar cubes under acid rain.

So people run around the world looking for new experiences, new mountains to climb (literally and figuratively–On one day alone in 2013, 234 people climbed Mount Everest), new foods to eat, new personal records to beat and bucket lists to check off. They dive from rocks, from sea cliffs, and from outer space.

New Google Glass augments reality and so do magazine advertisements and outdoor boards and shop windows.

But in the end, it doesn’t mean much. Not really.

Not like the Magna Carta or the flywheel or the discovery of DNA, binary code, or the gas combustion engine. Even the discovery of the unexpected has become expected.

So we are still sitting at the table of meaning, nibbling at the appetizer tray, and still hungry.

If you want to know more, just look inside.