Are You Listening?

Today, there are so many different kinds of people, so many voices on blogs, tweets and txts. Scanner data and quantitative analyses are stored not in mountains of data, but in cloud banks. And more and more “real time” information is arriving: web site visits, social network chatter, genome sequences, sensor signals, location data and more. With the ability to sift data for markets, customer behaviors, and operations, the role of marketing in this evolving data environment is evolving.

We need to develop “listening pipes”: information feeds that give us what we want and need to make best business actions and recommendations. And, since much of our information today is in silos, we need integrative database management, we need data agnostic knowledge management, data mining technologies, logic search engines, dashboards, self-measuring media and marketing programs, easily tracked metrics, more controllable data.

“Listening” is our catalyst for change: A continuous learning cycle that champions new thinking, new perspectives, new ideas and innovation centered around the human perspective. Attuned to the voice of the consumer, we become the touchstone for new insights, new markets, new opportunities, and freshly-marked paths to greatness. We must assemble our own best methods of learning and understanding consumers.

We must be proactive, not reactive. We must be marketing heroes, not innovation nudges. We must be knowledgeable and intuitive and insightful and clever. We must tell unforgettable stories, not show boring pie charts. We must aggregate consumer behavior into powerful insights and ideas that drive business results. This is the new horizon line, the new frontier. We must be impactful and lead and be bold and challenging and fresh. Are you listening?