Why We (Heart) Valentine’s Day

Beyond the rings, the chocolates, the flowers, and the Valentine’s Day cards, this annual rite is a tweet to our communal soul as well as our hearts. Officially in honor of Christian martyr Valentine, St. Valentine’s Day has joined people together since 500 A.D. Valentine’s Day’s longevity and vibrancy and emotional connections rival more major celebrations like Christmas, because it embraces the fundamentals of society: endorsing and reinforcing joint beliefs of religious zeal (including martyrdom), as well as social and spiritual celebration. Ever since men and women danced around campfires, tradition and ritual have bound us together as a society. You could even suggest that the foundation of our society is built on the notion that two people believe in each other so deeply, they are willing to spend their lives together. Which is a sentiment worth far more than a card and a box of chocolates.