3 key pieces in Lady Gaga’s brand narrative

Jamie Anderson and Jorg Rechhenrich and Antwerp Management School and Martin Kupp of the European School of Management and Technology have put together a treatise that suggests the leadership skills of Mother Teresa and Lady Gaga. The pairing of these two leading women is the clichéd polar opposites that we have seen in advertising for a few decades now. However, we always like Lady Gaga for her dramatic use of icon and ritual and the way she flaunts her beliefs as she flogs her nonbelievers as she praises her “little monsters”.

What the three Europeans suggest from an objective distance, is how Lady G has strategically devised a brand narrative that tells “three universal stories”.

1. The first is her personal story: Who am I?

2. The second is the community narrative: Who are we?

3. And the third, is the community mission: Where are we going?

This is a vibrant, resonant combination that projects leadership, say Anderson/Rechhenrich/Kuppand, and attracts an emotional commitment from her fans. Lady Gaga defines the community spirit as she creates it. Which, like Madonna, Prince, The Rolling Stones and music brands who have come before her have demonstrated, creating the brand and persona is a lot more complex than creating just the music.