Sprout® watches pop-up in Soho

Another pop-up store has sprouted at 423 West Broadway in Soho. This time it’s the Sprout® Watch Company, an eco-friendly collection of timepieces. Their ingredients list includes corn resin, conflict-free diamonds, bamboo, recyclable mineral crystal, and the watches are lead and phthalate free. According to the company, the small size Sprout® watch is 80% eco-friendly and the large size Sprout® watch is 86% eco-friendly (by weight). Conventional plastics use an estimated 200,000 barrels of oil a day in the United States alone, but because Sprout uses plastics made from corn resin, it uses no oil resources in production. No mention is made of corn as a major food source, or the socio-economic moral zone of choosing food over timepieces. But aside from all the social consciousness, the watches are being sold at Macy’s. So they seem to be fashion-friendly too.