Ancient power symbol? Or just the THINKTOPIA® logo?

Yeah, we know this is almost too primal to be true. But. One of our researchers was thumbing through C.G. Jung’s classic Man And His Symbols the other day, and spotted our THINKTOPIA® logo on page 42. According to Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, the pyramid of dots represents the tetraktys of 6th century B.C. Greece. The four rows of circles include four numbers (1, 2, 3, and 4 from top to bottom) adding up to 10. Both four and 10 were worshipped as divinities by the Pythagoreans. All we know is that the pyramid logo (the stacked type was designed by Paul Asao; the circles were later added by Brian Williams (now at The Martin Agency) centered on our round business cards have been admired from China and India to Manhattan.