Forget about 3D movies. The next revolution is 3D printers.

Today, people create their own content, publish their own books, photographs, music, videos and films. Now, with a bit of software and desire, we can create our own products. We used to talk about 3D printers in brand innovation workshops, but back then (3 years ago), they were the domain of engineers making prototypes and models. Now they can be used to create lampshades, toys, jewelry, medical devices, shoes, and the list keeps growing. Think of it like this: instead of a lathe that takes a chunk of metal and cuts away the unusuable bits to create a pencil, 3D printing extrudes the pencil. This means it can use as little as 1/10th of the raw materials. Even more radical is the fact that you don’t have to leave your home. Hosting a dinner party and want new set of designer placemats? A brand new set of goblets? A new designer dress? Download the software and your 3D printer will create them within minutes. This 3D innovation takes online shopping to an entirely new level, and foreshadows a time when people might say, “What do you mean you had to leave home to shop?”.