Eminem sells soda. Eminem sells cars. Eminem sells himself.

dr-dre-eminemThe one thing we didn’t hear too much about this Super Bowl was Marshall Bruce Mathers pimping for Brisk iced tea, and Chrysler automobiles. But with his new music title RECOVERY available on downloads everywhere, the star is launching Eminem 2.0 with everything he’s got. As we’re all aware, the flaccid music business today is not the same as when Em dawned in the era of Napster. Times are thin, even for one of the nation’s best rap lyricists, and it is axiomatic that a brand—especially a pop star of Eminem’s eminence—must constantly awe and titillate. Eminem’s street sense to follow the money is smart, and so is his sense to put his face (and voice) out in front of the  162.9 million people watching last week’s Super Bowl. And with a follow-up appearance with Dr. Dre during this Sunday’s Grammy Awards, Eminem plans to become the Sunday Super Star.