High, wind-powered and lonesome.

I am on the Danish peninsula, a green land dotted with milk cows, hedgerows and housewives pedaling black bicycles steadily into the wind. The airstream blows incessantly off the Atlantic, which is why it is unremarkable yet surreal to find a giant ten-story high white propeller slowly rotating in the wind. Of course, the Danish have been using wind power for centuries to sail ships and turn millwheels. It is probably more remarkable to spot a wind turbine on Union Square, which is exactly what I did yesterday during a eco-friendly symposium. And then a few blocks down in the café at ABC Carpet, a friend started telling me about plan to install wind-powered air conditioners in Manhattan, a plan that was in full eco-smart swing until the city changed its zoning laws to prohibit utilities hanging from New York City windows. Even if they’re just trying to catch the westward breeze. Now I am flying 10,000 feet over eastern Pennsylvania on the final route into LaGuardia and looking down below, I spot dozens of wind turbines. The line of white stands in contrast to the green mountain slope. Even at altitude, their momentous size dwarfs the trees. White props rotate serenely, like the giant automaton hands of cheerleaders begging the crowd to join in.