What’s important now.

Four key elements will be significant in the coming months.

Reality. People won’t be wondering, What can I buy now? Instead, they’ll be asking themselves, What can I afford? With the exception of high-end consumers, from gas to bread every purchase will approximate a considered purchase.

Sustainability. Enhanced awareness of our impact on the earth (and the earth’s impact on us) will make us aware and even hyper-aware of what we eat, what we wear, where we live and how we act in relation to our environment. How we are able to protect or at least not harm the environment will be come important.

Simplicity. We are too busy today for klunky complication. Intuitive design works. Things that ask us to take our valuable time to figure them out don’t. And don’t ask me for my email address again. Ever.

Sanctuary. We are being deluged by inputs, complexities and decisions. There is no resting place for the senses, for the mind, heart or soul. We seek a resting place. A moment for the self. A healing.