Moscow, 2007. Moscow is the new drug. One of the largest markets for Bentleys in the world, Russia today also has the most billionaires. A $15 bottle of California wine sells in restaurants for $150. This photo was taken across the street from Red Square, next to the National Hotel (were Lenin lived before moving across the street to the Kremlin, the hotel where while you might have Room 426 down the hall from where King Juan Carlos of Spain slept, the room is actually on the 6th floor to baffle assassins, also the hotel famed for eavesdropping on its guests). Young Russians pirate iPhones from the U.S. and have the software to not only connect into Moscow mobile phone service Beeline, but replace English characters with the Cyrillic alphabet. The red videotron (above right) loops commercials for Cadillac SUVs, Timberland boots, and Greek tourism. There’s a Levi’s store down the block, even a Sbarro pizza shop. On the 90th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution, the army lined up in formation in front of that block-long Rolex billboard. Lenin’s tomb is green with envy.