Doughnut Girl Coffee is brewing.

In a world brewing with coffee shops, along comes something completely different. Well, almost different.
Introducing Doughnut Girl Coffee, from the Salvation Army.
Let’s go back to SA’s origins (in our vernacular, their creation story) and August of 1917 near Montiers, France during World War I. Two Salvation Army volunteers were low on supplies and gathered up leftover flour and fried it up as a treat for the troops. The resulting “doughnuts” were a smash (and have been ever since), and the “doughnut girls”became legendary.
Since then, donuts and coffee have become Salvation Army standard fare for legions of firemen, rescue teams, police officers, disaster victims, relief workers, and more.
So why wait 90 years to market their own brew?
Perhaps it’s an acknowledgment that their age-old ritual of obtaining funds via traditional holiday bell-ringers was becoming anachronistic if not downright obnoxious. Or perhaps, like most non-profits, they simply need additional funding to support their many outreaches. Given their history, SA has as much right to climb on the coffee brew wagon as anyone. (Doughnut Girl coffee feature blends that include a variety of high grown Arabica beans from the Caribbean and Central and South America. The coffees also provide economic opportunity for small coffee growers, their families and their communities.)
And given the fact that coffee proceeds help support 119 Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers across the United States, it’s good brew for a good cause.
Doughnut Girl Coffee. Now available at a grocery near you.

One thought on “Doughnut Girl Coffee is brewing.

  1. I tried to check them out, but the website says that coffee sales have been discontinued.

    Which is really too bad, because with some good marketing and muscle, they might have succeeded.

    There’s definitely plenty of room for them to compete.

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