What makes a Marine

Following the wave of allegations of cruelty by U.S. forces in Iraq, Marine Corps General Mike Hagee reminded his troops Sunday that “We must regulate force and violence, we only damage property that must be damaged, and we protect the non-combatants we find on the battlefield.”

This reaffirmation of the USMC creed (or in Hagee’s words, core values) is an important part of the primal code that makes the USMC the fighting force it is today.

The creed, of course, is an instrument part of primal code and says what you’re about. A lesson that Martha Stewart, Enron and George W. Bush, have painfully discovered.

[Primal Branding is a construct that lets you design a belief system using the seven pieces of primal code: creation story, creed, icons, rituals, sacred words, nonbelievers, and leader. Used together these seven pieces of code create a system of belief that attracts brand communities and public appeal for products and services, personalities, political and social movements, even civic communities.]