Prairie Stone Pharmacy changes its medication

You know those pill boxes with all the days of the week? The ones people spend an hour or so filling so they don’t have to remember which medications they have/haven’t taken? Now Prairie Stone Pharmacy has reversed the concept with introduction of its new DailyMed, a prepackaged packet with all your daily meds shrink-wrapped together. The ads show the packets printed with “Take at: Dinner Tues. 4/18”, and come with a full one-month supply that eliminates confusion and possible harmful drug interactions.

Changing rituals in a category often provides brands with powerful differentiation and market growth. Pepsi did it years ago when they started selling soda at convenience stores, outflanking competitor Coke who sold at grocery stores. iPod has changed the ritual of buying music (in two ways) by having you download off the web, and buying single tracks rather than the whole CD. Consider what the rituals are involved with your product or service. How can you change them in order to give your brand more differentiation?

[Primal Branding is a construct that lets you design a belief system using the seven pieces of primal code: creation story, creed, icons, rituals, sacred words, nonbelievers, and leader. Used together these seven pieces of code create a system of belief that attracts brand communities and public appeal for products and services, personalities, political and social movements, even civic communities.]