Does iPod need a new ritual?

With a zillion iPods on the market (okay, that’s not the official number), only a motley fool would suggest that the iPod could be better than its current state. But ask yourself this simple question, as Advertising Age’s Point magazine editor Jennifer Rooney pointed out at Lindsay Stone Briggs’ Brandworks University last week. In today’s wireless world, why do we need to download iTunes from an Apple computer in order to get the best from our iPods? Perhaps it’s storage space, battery power, or because it’s the iPod’s technological fate to always be available no larger than the size of a gum package. But the next challenge for Steve Jobs, Jonathan Ives and crew will be to make the iPod wireless, so we can download iTunes on the street, on the run, or even from this motel room in Rapid City, SD. Amen.

[Primal Branding is a construct that lets you design a belief system using the seven pieces of primal code: creation story, creed, icons, rituals, sacred words, nonbelievers, and leader. Used together these seven pieces of code create a system of belief that attracts brand communities and public appeal for products and services, personalities, political and social movements, even civic communities.]