When Progresso brand soup came onto the shelves a decade and more ago, they were chunkier and tastier. Suddenly, Campbell’s didn’t seem so Mmm! Mmm! good any more. Blindsided, Campbell’s marketing team has proven why it’s not good to kick a giant, as they fight to maintain their position as the home favorite. The marketing team has added handheld, microwavable, and other adaptations over the years, even giving their classic cans a pop-top. All of which changed the rituals of preparation and eating Campbell’s brand soups. My last visit to the grocery store informs me that now Campbell’s is changing the ritual of shopping for their soups. The soup aisle—already heavy with rows of Campbell’s iconic red and white packaging—now has tasty rows of dispensers. Instead of standing vertically as they have for generations, Campbell’s soup cans now lie on their side and roll off their dispenser rack. Think of a cola can at your local convenience store. Simple. And so brilliant. Meanwhile Progresso, not long ago the innovator in the category, stands stunned.

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