Business golf ritual on its way out?

Rituals fill our work life, from the water cooler to production meetings to the company holiday party.

There’s one ritual that might be on its way out, thanks to the Jack Abramoff scandal, and that’s the business golf outing according to a recent New York Times article.

A verdant setting for backroom deals, the back nine and the 19th hole have been a business rite for decades. As the Abramoff situation shows, however, they’ve also been the rite for wrongful lobbying, solicitation, and outright skullduggery.

Justifiably defended by everyone with a decent game, we’ll see if the rite of golf goes the way of the coffee girl, three martini lunch and holiday party mistletoe–albeit for vastly different reasons.

Maybe we’ll decide to replace golf with something more 21st century. Like hot yoga.

One thought on “Business golf ritual on its way out?

  1. I hope golf is not leaving us. My day job is in a male dominated industry. This is one place that I can spend time getting to know my clients without gender being an issue!

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