Saab is born from jets

Saab has finally hit it with their new line, “Born from jets.” After years, no decades, of slogging around positioning their brand along the lines of cars for intelligent people, or intelligent cars for intelligent people, they have gone back to their creation story to find their true position in the marketplace. And, after years of posturing, they speak from the heart.

“Saab”, after all, is an acronym that means something like Swedish Aeronautic Airplane Bureau. (I’m making up the acronym but, fact is, before Saab made cars they made airplanes.)

If you check the historical reel, Saab’s advertising agencies have always come up with a jet commercial or two. Why they seized upon this positioning at this particular point in time is curious.

If you own a Saab turbo you know that it has torque that limply rivals BMW and Porsche.

What Saab hasn’t had—and hopefully what GM will provide—are the sorely needed advertising dollars to support what Saab owners already feel.