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Primal Branding is the first book to finally outline how to create belief systems that in turn create communities (or call them brand loyalists, evangelists, advocates, belongers). Those communities can surround a product or service (like Apple, Nike, UPS), a personality like Oprah, Madonna or Martha. They can also surround a social or political cause, or a civic community like New York, Las Vegas, Hollywood.

I have identified a pattern that exists in all successful communities. Those companies and organizations that have the pattern in place become successful. Those that do not, are not.

Obviously this book is not simply about business, but about how we form societies. For that reason alone, many will find it interesting.

This is a provocative new look at how to create the sticky stuff that attaches people to some brands and not to others. People at Target, Starbucks, doubleclick and elsewhere agree with Al Ries, co-author of marketing classic Positioning, that “it’s not the same old branding B.S.”.

Dan Pink, author of author of A WHOLE NEW MIND and FREE AGENT NATION says, “What do Starbucks, Apple, the Marine Corps, and Cesar Chavez have in common? They call create what Patrick Hanlon calls ‘a culture of belief.’ PRIMAL BRANDING cracks the code of these cultures — and offers a fascinating look at why people respond so ferociously to them. Whether you’re leading an advertising agency, a Fortune 500 company, a middle school, or a political movement, you need to read this book.”